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Getting more followers on Instagram is key to your brand’s success. More followers can mean better visibility, increased engagement, and higher revenue. But, like all things, there’s a wrong way and a right way to go about getting followers.

Most Instagram growth services use bots or fake followers that can wreak havoc on your account. Worst case, you may end up getting banned from Instagram altogether!

Kicksta is different. You get authentic connections and organic growth. Even better, Kicksta is now partnering with TSMA Growth to offer an extra 850 followers every month courtesy of the Kicksta Boost powered by TSMA.

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With the Kicksta Boost powered by TSMA, clients no longer need to choose between immediate or long-term Instagram growth. They get both!

Kicksta’s organic growth strategy is one of the only ways to get authentic followers on Instagram without using bots, spam, or fake followers. Simply put: it works.

We are able to find your ideal followers by engaging with the followers of brands that are similar to your brand. Our tool works by liking the posts of these users on your behalf. Then, many of them will go to your profile to check out your brand. This is organic growth that engages your target audience and stays within Instagram’s guidelines.

You can drive even more growth by investing in the Kicksta Boost. This boost uses TSMA’s charitable giveaway strategy, and it’s ideal for giving your account immediate followers. You’ll be working with some of the top influencers and celebrities on Instagram. It’s the quickest way to get your brand’s Instagram in front of the people who matter most to you.

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($119/month additional on your existing Kicksta subscription)

Kicksta x TSMA Partnership


The partnership between Kicksta and TSMA brings two of the best Instagram growth services together into one powerhouse offering.

Both Kicksta and TSMA are dedicated to providing a premium digital presence for every client. Together, we have decades of experience and put that experience to work every day. Kicksta has long been offering our clients organic Instagram growth focused on real engagement. We’re the largest, most-trusted Instagram growth service and we’ve worked with more than 10k brands.

TSMA knows Instagram inside and out—from customized hashtags, to optimizing for the algorithm, to providing clients with the analytics they need to prove the value of social to the executives in their company.

They’re the trusted social media agency for big-name Hollywood players like the American Film Institute, the Academy of Dramatic Arts, The Osbrink Agency, SAG*AFTRA, and others.

By partnering with the experts at TSMA, Kicksta is able to offer our clients maximum Instagram growth. We can now offer our clients steady, long-term organic growth, plus a guaranteed follower boost every month!

TSMA Growth

A New Program From A Trusted Partner

You want your social media management partner to be smart and passionate. TSMA Consulting fits that description perfectly. The firm has been guiding businesses and individuals to grow their social accounts for nearly a decade.

Recently, TSMA saw an uptick in demand for real, authentic Instagram followers among their clients. That’s when they created TSMA Growth. The program utilizes the firm’s relationships with top entertainment celebrities and influencers to meet the needs of their clients.

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($119/month additional on your existing Kicksta subscription)

The TSMA Growth Strategy

TSMA Growth uses an authentic strategy that’s fully within Instagram’s community guidelines. Instead of using bots or automation, TSMA uses sustainable celebrity partnerships and giveaway promotions. This strategy has led them to become the largest and most-trusted Instagram giveaway service company.

To get started, TSMA matches your brand with an exclusive celebrity or social media influencer who has at least 500k followers and ranks in the top 1% of Instagram profiles. They ensure that the celebrity’s audience is engaged and likely to be attracted to your brand as well.

Within 30 days, your influencer will post a charitable giveaway on their Instagram. To enter the giveaway, their followers will be asked to follow your brand. As incentive, when the users follow you, they increase the charitable donation and increase their chances to win the giveaway.

With this celebrity partnership, you are guaranteed to get at least 850 new followers every month. That’s incredible authentic growth that can drive your Instagram engagement levels and brand recognition.

By investing in Kicksta’s long-term growth strategy paired with the Kicksta Boost powered by TSMA, you are guaranteed to meet your Instagram growth goals. Head to your Kicksta dashboard and sign up for the Kicksta Boost today!