Buzzoid vs. Kicksta

buzzoid vs. kicksta

Sam Hackett

Last Updated: Sep 2, 2021

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If you’re looking to find a way to get more Instagram followers, you may have come across both Kicksta and Buzzoid. Today we’ll compare the two platforms so you can know which is right for you and your Instagram growth plan. According to their website, Buzzoid is a platform that allows you to buy likes, views, and followers on Instagram. Let’s take a look at Buzzoid next to Kicksta’s Instagram growth service.

1. Brand Promise

What do each of these platforms actually offer their subscribers? Let’s take a closer look.

What Buzzoid Offers

According to their website, Buzzoid promises “Instagram Followers & Likes in Minutes.” They say that all of your likes and followers will be delivered within an hour of your purchase, and they include a refund guarantee on any order that isn’t fulfilled.

buzzoid brand promise

What Kicksta Offers

Kicksta delivers pure, organic growth powered by using their proprietary AI technology that has been developed and managed in-house in San Diego, California. Kicksta helps create meaningful engagement and authentic connections with a time-trusted and safe platform. Unlike many companies, Kicksta doesn’t guarantee a certain number of followers because the followers you will gain are real, authentic accounts that decide on their own whether or not to follow and engage with you. Because Kicksta has its own U.S.-based servers, your data is safe and they can securely connect your Instagram account to a location near you. In turn, this eliminates those suspicious blocks and login attempts that are common among other Instagram growth services who typically connect your location in developing countries.

kicksta brand promise
Kicksta logo

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2. Growth Process

Before you invest in any Instagram growth service, you’ll want to look at how they operate so you can understand what will happen to and with your account.

How Buzzoid Works

With Buzzoid, you choose the package you’d like to buy, then enter your Instagram username and email address. If you choose to purchase likes, you select which posts you want to receive those likes on. Then you input your payment information and your likes, views, or followers are magically delivered to your account. Buzzoid does not go into further detail about how they find these accounts that will like, view, or follow your account.

how to get signed up on buzzoid

How Kicksta Works

When you work with Kicksta, you choose either the standard or premium plan, enter your email, and get started. Once you enter your dashboard you can tailor your account to fully meet your needs.

signing up with kicksta

To ensure that Kicksta provides you with accounts that are actually relevant to your business, they ask you to list your target accounts. You create a list of competitors, influencers, or brands in your industry, who’s followers you want to target.  Once you choose your targets the automation will begin doing the liking on your behalf. This sparks users’ curiosity and they’ll visit your profile to see who you are. Chances are those users would also be interested in you and your business. 

As long as you’re posting high-quality, compelling content, they’ll likely be interested in following you. Because they’ve chosen to follow you on their own, it ensures real followers who aren’t bots, and they’ll actually engage with your content.

3. Pricing

Both Buzzoid and Kicksta offer different packages and prices so you can find what you need to fit your budget and your needs.

Buzzoid’s Pricing

Depending on if you’re looking for likes, views or follows, Buzzoid has a variety of packages for you. Video views are cheapest, ranging from $1.99 for 500 views up to $74.99 for 50,000 views.

Their likes are next, with a range of $1.49 for 50 likes to $88.99 for 10,000 likes. These are currently advertised as being on a 25% discount, so their typical prices would be higher than this.

buzzoid buying instagram likes pricing

Finally, you can buy followers from Buzzoid, as well. They actually offer two different types of followers: high-quality or premium. High-quality followers range in price from $2.97 for 100 followers, $6.99 for 500 and then up to $29.99 for 5,000 followers. Their premium followers are slightly more expensive, coming in at $11.99 for 500 followers to $84.99 for 5,000 followers. All of these follower prices are also listed as 25% off right now.

According to their website, the difference between the two is that “high-quality followers” just have profile pictures, but no other additional posts on their accounts. “Premium followers” are listed as “for those who are serious about their Instagram growth. These are guaranteed with very little to NO drop!” Unfortunately, this description doesn’t tell us much about what actually sets premium followers apart from high-quality followers.

buzzoid pricing

Kicksta’s Pricing

Kicksta has two plans: Standard and Premium. They’re both charged monthly, pay-as-you-go, and customers can cancel at any time. The Standard Plan is $49 a month, offers moderate growth, video onboarding, and customers can provide 10 target accounts.

The Premium Plan is $99 a month, offers maximum growth, video onboarding, and the ability for customers to provide 40 targets. More targets means more knowledge for the AI to use to find the best potential followers for you. The Premium Plan also includes VIP email support, advanced targeting, and a blacklist to customize your account even further.

kicksta pricing

Kicksta logo

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4. Features

Let’s take a moment to compare the features of the two platforms and how you can customize them.

buzzoid vs kicksta features

Buzzoid’s Features

The main feature that Buzzoid has is that they’re fast. Simply provide them your username and payment information and your order will be delivered to you quickly. While this is great for convenience, it’s not the best method for trying to get quality followers and likes that will make a bigger difference to your account than just inflating your numbers.

buzzoid features

Kicksta’s Features

Kicksta, on the other hand, allows you to customize your targets and filter out accounts that you don’t want to have following you. With this advanced targeting feature, you can avoid accounts that might not be your ideal follower, like those with non-English profiles or those that use profanity. You can also choose to target men or women, and you can choose to include or exclude business accounts. This additional targeting helps you know that you’re attracting the most relevant and meaningful followers.

kicksta features

If you’re having trouble choosing targets, Kicksta offers suggested targets based on your industry that you can easily add with just a click of a button.

kicksta suggested targets

Along with choosing target accounts, you can add target hashtag and locations:

adding kicksta targets

5. Analytics

When you make any investment in your business you want to have a system for analyzing its results to see how well it worked for you.

Buzzoid Analytics

Buzzoid lets you track your own follower growth and likes count in your Instagram analytics. They don’t offer a separate analytics platform or reporting to show you how they’ve helped your account grow over time.

Kicksta Analytics

Kicksta gives you access to a dashboard so you can track your followers over time. You can see overall growth, as well as daily changes. The dashboard also lets you take it one step farther and analyze your individual target accounts. You can see which targets are performing best and which aren’t giving you a good return. This information is helpful in removing underperforming targets, identifying trends, and generally improving your account.

kicksta targets
kicksta analytics dashboard

6. Product Reviews

Before investing in any platform, it’s important to read reviews and testimonials so you know what other customers think about the program or service.

Buzzoid Reviews

The team at ranked Buzzoid and said they don’t recommend their services after ordering 500 followers from the platform. They cited a number of issues, including slow delivery, a high drop rate of followers once they came through, and they hadn’t received a response from their 24/7 customer service team even after waiting seven days.

buzzoid reviews

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Kicksta Reviews

Kicksta has reviews on sites like TrustPilot, who are talking about how their following is growing and Kicksta is a reliable service.

Kicksta review on Trustpilot
Kicksta review on Trustpilot

Reddit user graphicpanda even talked about their quick growth using Kicksta’s service.

kicksta review

For more information on how Kicksta has helped their customers, see the case study examples that show how Kicksta can work in many different industries.

Buzzoid vs. Kicksta: The Verdict

When comparing Kicksta and Buzzoid, it can be easy to focus on things like price and Buzzoid’s guaranteed numbers. But when you take a closer look and read through the reviews, it’s easy to see that working with Kicksta will get you more genuine, organic followers over time than you can get with Buzzoid. When attracting followers you want to find accounts that are excited to follow you and ready to engage, not just another profile picture to inflate your follower count and hurt your Instagram engagement rate.