Mr. Insta vs Kicksta: Which Service Is More Reliable?

Rafaella Aguiar

Last Updated: Aug 31, 2021

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If you’ve been looking for a way to get more Instagram followers, chances are you’ve come across Mr. Insta. They offer free followers and likes, as well as a host of paid offerings for Instagram and other social media platforms. When you’re ready to increase the followers for your Instagram account, it’s a good idea to compare various options. Let’s take a look at how Mr. Insta and Kicksta compare to one another. 

How They Work

How Mr. Insta Works

In order to receive free followers from Mr. Insta, you’ll need to start off by following a small number of accounts. Once you confirm your follows, you’ll activate your account and you’ll begin to see followers come in. You can ask for more free followers every 12 hours, but you’ll need to remember to do so yourself. If you’re willing to pay for automatic followers, you won’t need to follow any targeted profiles, and your followers will continue to come in automatically. Beyond that, Mr. Insta doesn’t give a clear indication of how they find followers for you.

how Mr. Insta works

How Kicksta Works

Once you sign up for your account on Kicksta, you’ll need to identify some accounts whose followers are similar to the followers you want to have. These could be competitors, other brands in your industry, or even influencers with the same target audience as you. Then, with Kicksta’s high-performing AI technology, they’ll go in and like photos of accounts that match the types of followers you want to attract. Once you start engaging with those users, they’ll most likely visit your profile and choose whether or not to follow you. Because Kicksta guarantees you real followers, they can’t promise you a particular number. Your new followers will choose to follow you themselves, resulting in organic growth. 

how Kicksta works
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Mr. Insta

When you sign up for a paid plan with Mr. Insta, you’ll get either 15, 30, or 60 new followers every day for a month, depending on the plan you choose. You must have a public profile and can cancel anytime. If you choose to purchase one lump sum of followers instead of subscribing to an automatic plan, you’ll receive more followers than you purchased within three days. And, these purchases come with a refill guarantee in case many accounts choose to unfollow.

mr. insta daily followers plan


There are many benefits and features you get when you subscribe to a Kicksta plan. You can access advanced targeting options to ensure that the followers you gain are as accurate as possible. When choosing the types of accounts you’d like to have following you, you can also blacklist any types of accounts you’d like to avoid. If you’re trying to determine which kinds of accounts you’d like to target, Kicksta can also suggest some potential options for you.

kicksta targets
Kicksta suggested targets

Dashboard & Analytics

Mr. Insta

Once you create an account with Mr. Insta, there’s not much more you need to do. You’ll get to choose your interests, and then you’ll select the plan you’d like to have. Beyond that, there isn’t a dashboard or set of analytics for you to review or access on their site. You’ll need to track your follower growth within Instagram or on a third-party app.

mr. insta dashboard


You can log into your Kicksta account at any point to make changes to the types of accounts you’d like to be following, and to see your analytics. You can watch your follower growth over time, and see the day-by-day changes. Beyond this, you can go one step farther to see which target accounts are performing well and which aren’t bringing you many followers. You can use this information to adjust your targets and find the right combination to attract the most relevant followers.

Kicksta dashboard


Mr. Insta Pricing

As we mentioned earlier, Mr. Insta offers a free plan in which you can get up to 25 followers. However, you also have to remember to return and activate it up to twice per day. The other option that Mr. Insta offers is a paid plan. You can sign up monthly to receive followers each day: 15 for $20, 30 for $40 or 60 for $80. This is a monthly subscription you can cancel anytime.

mr. insta pricing

If you’d like to buy followers just once, you can also do that, as they offer a variety of packages. These range from 250 followers for $10 all the way up to 10,000 followers for $190. 

mr. insta pricing
mr. insta pricing

Kicksta Pricing 

At Kicksta, you can choose from the Standard Plan for $49 or the Premium Plan for $99. Both of these options are monthly subscriptions, and you can cancel anytime. When you first get started you’ll also have a 14-day money-back guarantee, no questions asked. Both plans offer video onboarding and access to your dashboard to be able to view and analyze your growth.

With Premium, you’ll have access to more filters, additional means of accessing support. You’ll also be able to include up to 40 target accounts, giving the system more information to provide you with the best potential followers possible, and the most amount of growth.

Kicksta pricing
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Customer Support

Mr. Insta Support

At Mr. Insta, they say that service and support is their strong suit. They guarantee less than 24 hour response time after they receive your message. They have a messenger app within their website that you can use to contact them at any time.

mr. insta customer support messaging

Kicksta Support

For anyone browsing the website, Kicksta offers a contact page that will get your message to the right people. For premium customers, Kicksta offers 24/7 VIP email support. There are also plenty of FAQs, blogs, and case studies available on the website to help answer questions too.


Mr. Insta

Overall, Mr. Insta has pretty positive reviews from customers. On the site IGreviews, Mr. Insta received a 3 star rating. Most of the comments say that they received their orders on time and that they gained the right number of followers. Some reviewers, though, had some delays or inaccuracies.

mr. insta reviews

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Customers are also loving the service that Kicksta provides. On the review site G2, customers like how easy it is to navigate the interface, and they’re happy with the quality of followers they receive, too.

Kicksta reviews

Final Verdict

Customers of each company are happy with the service they receive, but it’s hard to know exactly how you’re getting your followers from Mr. Insta. They don’t show their process online, while Kicksta tells you exactly how they gain you followers. Also, it’s not actually possible to guarantee a certain number of new followers if they’re real, non-bot accounts. Real people can leave at any time.

So, if you’re looking to grow your Instagram following with real, organic followers who are excited to see the posts you create, Kicksta is the better choice of the two. They’re here to help you every step of the way. Get started today.